A futurist bucket list

The film ‘The Bucket list’ is great fun and many people have written their own list of things they want to do before they kick the bucket.  Bucket lists are not meant to be generic things like ‘seeing world peace’ or ‘eliminating poverty’ that everyone wants, they’re meant to be more personal, like meeting one of your heroes or visiting the Taj Mahal. I’d never written one so I thought it was time to remedy that. I’ll be a futurist until my last breath so apart from the first item, my list is things that aren’t yet possible, but should be by the time I get to 100 (in 2060). I’ve blogged about most of them.

  1. Visit Yosemite & a few other scenic locations
  2. Wear scanned laser active contact lenses
  3. Talk to a superhuman conscious machine
  4. Travel on a Hyperloop
  5. Watch 1st human Mars landing
  6. See Pythagoras Sling in action
  7. Visit a building over 30km tall
  8. Travel in a pod on a linear induction mat driverless transport system
  9. Own my own free-floating combat drone
  10. Wear an exoskeleton catsuit based on electroactive polymer or folded graphene muscles
  11. Use a real light sabre
  12. Travel on a Skyline at Mach 5 or above
  13. Visit a building with additional floating rooms using lighter-than-air materials
  14. Visit a Moon base
  15. Fire an inverse rail gun at an asteroid or see one used for space transport
  16. Experience consciousness being switched on and off electronically
  17. Get brain-IT link that provides extra IQ digit
  18. Have a real conversation with an IT-upskilled pet
  19. Share consciousness with another person
  20. Inhabit an android, and again with different gender or species
  21. Swap bodies with someone else for a day
  22. Have a plasma window in my office
  23. Experience cyberspace time travel
  24. See linear fusion demonstrated
  25. Own something made of cubic carbon

Write your own bucket list. As well as being fun, you will learn a little more about yourself. It is time well spent.

5 responses to “A futurist bucket list

  1. What a wonderful exercise for someone to do. When my wife and I were last in Costa Rica earlier this year I ticked off two of my bucket wishlist items. I visited a caldera of a volcano where I could see the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean from that vantage point. And the second was riding a horse, something I had never done and dared myself to do. I much preferred the visit to the volcano. But those two ticks are done and now I have to go on to fantasize the rest because of your posting.


    • The Caldera bit sounds great. Nature offers so many options that can truly inspire. I hate travelling, but usually enjoy places once I get there. As for the horse, tried that when I was 12 and still feel no desire to repeat it. I produced my list because it occurred to me that most people only include things you can do right now, but us futurists are very privileged to have a whole future world that is sort of familiar to us that we can also pick from, even if some of it never actually comes to pass. Write one, I’d certainly like to read yours too. A futurist one I mean.


  2. The experiments with consciousness are interesting. Did you read Enrich Neumann’s ‘Origin and History of Conciousness’ and Carl Jung’s work on the collective unconscious? There could, very likely will be, unintended and unpleasant consequences if we push the boundaries too far in distancing ourselves from the collective unconscious, even if this work sounds very cool and reminds me of Iain Banks Culture sci-Fi series.


    • Not read it yet. I’ve made my own speculations on consciousness development in my own work, but I have not yet considered how interacting with other will affect it. Sounds like a good idea to look at it. Thanks. Does sound cool though doesn’t it?


  3. At a conceptual level, I love to hear about tech that pushes the boundaries. Conciousness is an area we have hardly scratched the surface on though, not least because it drifts into ‘para-psychology’, something that currently commands no respect or serious mainstream debate. Neumann and Jung were writing 50 years ago and things have not moved on. We should understand Conciousness a lot better than we do before we start experimenting on it in radical new ways.


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