Your quick and easy 2016 guide to the moral high ground

One of the things I predicted a long time ago was the rise of secular substitutes for religion, and we are now near what I hope will be the peak of that meta-religious resurgence before common senses resumes its grasp. Meanwhile, the Spanish Inquisition by those at the front line of political correctness has reached fever pitch, but it is proving more and more difficult for novice inquisitors to keep track of the latest doctrine, what with all the different groups competing for the moral high ground these days.

To save people time, and as a quick guide for the authorities and especially for police forces faced with difficult choices of prioritization in European cities, I have contrived a simple list of groups with those most obviously deserving of the current moral high ground at the top and those who ought to be consigned to the depths of moral hell at the bottom. I hope you find it useful.

Morality 2016

4 responses to “Your quick and easy 2016 guide to the moral high ground

  1. What aboyt AGI Ian?
    Is this the year or what are your predictions?


    • In 2015 we saw several instances of machines beating humans in assorted intelligence tests, so I think you could argue we are almost there and the rest is semantics and degrees. I think the commercial value lies in specific packages such as IBM’s Watson that can address large knowledge fields and produce deep insights. But everyday assistance on our phones and PCs with Cortana and Siri successors will also help. Pulling them all together into a generic AGI package probably offers little extra value, and we might start seeing packages that people claim to be AGIs this year or next, but it will be a bit like broadband, with the original definitions being 140Mb/s+ but telcos selling anything from 1.5Mb/s and calling it broadband. Marketers will always tend to stretch descriptions to the limit. The pursuit of consciousness seems to have been on a back burner for far too long and it remains my belief that we already have the core technology to start development and have a good chance of success within 2 years of starting. I am not certain that it is a good idea to do so yet with the state of the world and quality of leadererhip we have.


  2. You are remarkably strong on future technology!


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