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When two tribes go to war

As I predicted, the authorities are starting to realize that there will soon be a group of people who have passed the test to show they are immune, so they can have a special pass (e.g. wristband) that allows them to do certain kinds of jobs or attend events or visit areas where there may be infection. However, even though they are not vulnerable to it, they can still carry it and infect others.

There is another group, who have remained in lockdown, who have not had the disease. They have a strong interest in keeping others away from them who may be infected. Some will become infected and migrate to the other tribe.

Everyone will be in one of those tribes.

Both want to go out, one group can go anywhere and the other group can go anywhere only if the others are kept away.

Their rights conflict.

Whose rights win? Or will we have parallel societies for a time?