The WHO Pandemic Treaty – terrifying stuff

Two important links. At the very least, you should read the briefing so you have an informed view of what looks extremely likely to be signed into law in most countries.

Link to UK gov briefing on the treaty:

Click to access CBP-9550.pdf

the briefing contains links to other related documents signed up to by a number of world leaders.

Link to the UK petition requesting that government doesn’t sign up to such a treaty without at least a referendum first:

This isn’t the first attempted petition though. Look at and note that while UK gov did eventually accept the petition once worded better, the response to the first attempt is basically gaslighting: “However, there is currently no treaty for the UK Government to sign, or refuse to sign”, hardly an appropriate response to “Stop the government taking our rights away signing the WHO pandemic treaty”.

The WHO of course did all it could to dismiss and cover up the Wuhan lab leak, making one of the least credible ‘investigations’ in history and trying to label any evidence or reports supporting the lab leak theory as fake news, conspiracy theories and disinformation. There is still no absolute proof that COVID emerged from the lab (hardly surprising given the amount of time the Chinese were allowed to eradicate evidence), but it is by far the most likely explanation to date.

No organisation helping to deflect attention elsewhere should ever be trusted again. The WHO has sacrificed any trust and credibility it may have had by defending the indefensible, for whatever reasons it did so. This alone is enough reason to avoid any involvement in any treaty that involves the WHO. But there are many other reasons.

If you read the briefing document, you will very quickly find the link to a document from 30 March 2021, co-authored by a number of world leaders:

While much of it is just pleasant enough text talking about international cooperation, some warning bells do ring:

It would be rooted in the constitution of the World Health Organisation, drawing in other relevant organisations key to this endeavour, in support of the principle of health for all.”

Would those relevant organisations include the WEF per chance? Is this treaty just another pillar of The Great Reset? Almost certainly it would include the broader UN, with its loony left assessments on human rights that condemn even slightly conservative welfare policies in the UK but manages not to notice major abuses of human rights across the Middle East, Africa and China.

It goes on, adding greatly to that suspicion:

It would also include recognition of a “One Health” approach that connects the health of humans, animals and our planet.” That’s the sort of phrase I might expect to see in a Greenpeace leaflet. It is scary if encased in any form of treaty, as it could be later interpreted to cover a great many environmental policies that are really only very thinly painted wealth redistribution mechanisms.

To achieve this, we will work with heads of state and governments globally, and all stakeholders including civil society and the private sector.” What? Like Bill Gates and the WEF elite? Like activists, NGOs and pressure groups? The briefing explicitly mentions its links to policies on climate change too. It is hard to imagine it will not be interwoven with the NetZero campaign and much of the socialist output from the environmental activist groups (which include a great many ‘climate scientists’ whose science so often seems to recommend implementing communism).

we must seize this opportunity and come together as a global community for peaceful co-operation that extends beyond this crisis. Building our capacities and systems to do this will take time and require a sustained political, financial and societal commitment over many years.” Quite the power grab there. That goes very far beyond any current WHO remit and could be interpreted as an attempt to impose an embryonic world government via the back door.

And as if more proof were needed: “To make this commitment a reality, we must be guided by solidarity, fairness, transparency, inclusiveness and equity.” If there was ever a more Machiavellian word than ‘fairness’, I’ve yet to hear it, but ‘inclusiveness’ and ‘equity’ certainly give the game away that this is indeed just another pillar of The Great Reset. Embedding ‘fairness, inclusivity and equity’ in a treaty, we would very soon have a global ‘deep state’ to protect against any local right of centre government that might be elected.

All that was in the document from 30 March 2021, but has essentially been copied and pasted into this new briefing. Government has managed to keep this all extremely quiet since, not altogether surprising given the utterly unfit-for-purpose MSM we have now, but people are now starting to notice, in spite of attempts to dismiss debate as disinformation and conspiracy theories and social media sticking warning notices on retweets. It’s almost as if our politicians are desperate to give power away to global governance and want to avoid any discussion before it’s too late to stop.

As the new briefing explains, “such an initiative “could include promoting high-level
political commitment and whole-of-government whole-of-society
approaches, addressing equity, enhancing the One Health approach, and
strengthening health systems and their resilience.
” ‘Whole of government’ is not just the Department of Health. Equity is a WEF weasel term that essentially means communism. It has little to do with ensuring everyone has equal opportunities in life and everything to do with wealth redistribution and heavy socialism. it has little to do with health, even less to do with pandemics, so why should it take the star billing in that phrase with even health taking a secondary placing?

The draft treaty is not yet available to review as far as I know, but these warning signs are already enough for all of us to start paying more attention to it.

If this was really just outlining the need for better international pandemic cooperation, alerting to new viruses, developing vaccines and rolling them out quickly to everyone, I wouldn’t have any problem with it. There is nothing in existing law that prevents governments cooperating better in future. But it isn’t, it adds a great deal that has nothing to do with such a goal.

There is no need for an additional treaty of any kind.

There is most definitely no reason to allow such a treaty to be used as a secretive back door to embed left wing policy anchors such as equity and inclusiveness in global law, and even less to sacrifice control of ‘all of government’ to a left wing global NGO with highly dubious trustworthiness, or explicitly include other organisations and leaders that nobody has voted for in that resultant global government.

I do not suffer Gates Derangement Syndrome, but nor do I recognise him as worthy of having any significant say in our governance. He has proved to be a successful entrepreneur, but he has also proven to show poor understanding and judgment on occasion, especially where the pandemic is concerned. He is only one of many ‘elite’ involved in the WEF and who have greatly disproportionate influence on governments already. We should strongly resist any attempt to embed the foundations of such influence in any form of global government, however embryonic it may be. This treaty looks far too like the vehicle for that embedding.

Other relevant documents with information on proposed changes to IHR 2005 that would transfer powers to a WHO Emergency Committee (which looks rather like SAGE in the UK):

Strengthening WHO preparedness for and response
to health emergencies. Proposal for amendments to the International
Health Regulations (2005)

Analysis by European journal of International Law

International Health Regulations 2005

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