Explaining accelerating universe expansion without dark energy

I am not the only ex-physicist that doesn’t believe in dark matter or dark energy, or multiple universes. All of these are theoretically possible interpretations of the maths, but I do not believe they are interpretations appropriate to our universe. Like the concept of the ether, I expect they will be shown to be incorrect and replaced by explanations that don’t need such concepts.

There are already explanations for accelerating expansion that don’t rely on dark energy, such as relativity: https://astronomynow.com/2015/01/05/dark-energy-explained-by-relativistic-time-dilation/ (the title is confusing since the article explains why it isn’t needed).

My theory is even simpler and probably not original, but I can’t find any references to it on the first two pages of Google so either it’s novel or so wrong that it doesn’t even warrant mentions. Anyway, here it is, make up your own mind, it doesn’t even need equations to explain it:

As galaxies get further apart, the various field fluxes reduce with the square of distance – gravitational, electromagnetic, and so must the intergalactic portion of the Higgs flux. The Higgs field is what gives particles their mass. As the Higgs field declines, the mass of the particles in each galaxy must therefore drop too. If energy is to be conserved, then as mass declines, Galaxy speed must increase linearly with distance, as is the observation. QED.

5 responses to “Explaining accelerating universe expansion without dark energy

  1. Shouldn’t this loss of mass be measurable?


    • I suppose there ought to be some way of measuring it, maybe statistically, by comparing masses of further away galaxies with nearer ones. Trying to measure for an individual galaxy over time would be difficult since effect is probably too slow.

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  2. I wish I knew enough about physics to understand this…the explanation seems logical enough. Still, the idea of multiple, never-ending universes seems like a “why not?” sort of explanation when it comes to infinity. That and it sounds cool! Either way, the mystery of this existence will never stop causing wonder in those who give it thought.


  3. Gravity is the only evidence that Dark Matter and Dark Matter exists. I personally don’t buy the idea of vacuum energy. Another explanation is for the first time, quantum gas in a laboratory has been demonstrated to “defy” gravity at sub-absolute temperatures, therefore, composite dark matter “transparent matter” gasses could explain most dark energy, which also clarifies why observable dark matter is missing from the formation of young galaxies and becomes very much observable with more mature galaxies. It is all just a matter of temperature and cold thermodynamics, suggesting the universe will continue with accelerated expansion as it cools. I’ve written several papers on this, some are available online, the full collection as the Grand Unification of Dark Matters: The Dark Universe Revealed is available at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/1520306318

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