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Superhero Sci-fi Free today, 27 Nov: Space Anchor

My Space Anchor ebook is free TODAY ONLY as an early xmas present to all my readers.


http://www.amazon.co.uk/Space-Anchor-Ian-Pearson-ebook/dp/B00E9X02IE  for UK readers

It is a not-too-serious book, set towards the end of this century, and is first one I have written on the adventures of Carbon Girl and her partner Carbon Man, who manage to make an entire superhero lifestyle using carbon and not much else. Although it is meant to be a bit light-hearted, most of the tech in it is supposed to be reasonably plausible. I have had to make a couple of concession to artistic license for the space bits – a sad fact of life in sci-fi is that if you want ships to go any distance in a short period, you have to invent some pseudo-scientific way of side-stepping what we currently think of as basic physics. It has AI romance and zombies in it too.

With recent complaints in the media that most sci-fi has a severe shortage of female characters, my book tries to improve the balance a bit, and uses Carbon Girl as its main character.

kindle cover