About Ian Pearson

Ian Pearson is a futurologist, frequent keynote speaker, inventor, author and offers a wide range of related business services such as providing material to accompany PR, media interviews, writing white papers on future technology impacts, talking at launches, attending and running workshops for creativity, innovation and strategy development.

about me: http://about.me/ian.pearson
twitter: http://twitter.com/timeguide
my main blog: https://timeguide.wordpress.com/
my company: http://www.futurizon.com/

He is a director of Futurizon Limited, Futurizon.com

Futurizon’s client list includes companies of all sizes.

4 responses to “About Ian Pearson

  1. Hi Ian Pearson,
    I have read your books and seen a number of your presentations. Great stuff!

    Now, I wonder if you have made a kind of status report on your book: Business 2010 , given that we are in the target year…?

    You write on your front page that 85% of your estimates are right…


  2. Instantly a huge fan. Will follow!


  3. The underlying issue is can we accelerate the rate of innovation? The answer to that question is whether you believe it is possible to “teach” or “learn” innovation – creative thinking? What do you think?

    If society can accelerate creative/innovative activities, that would mean that we would not have to wait the full 30 years for the “future.” I propose that it is possible


    • You can certainly teach people to innovate better. I think our school system actually acts to impede innovation by teaching to a too rigid curriculum. Some people leave school already old, never to have a fresh thought again. It is sad. But most people are very capable of innovating, given permission to think outside the box and there are lots of tricks that people can use to come up with new ideas. One of the easiest is to simply take solutions from one field and see if they can be applied in others, often they can but no-one has tried yet. Of course, the invention is only a small part of innovation, and it has to be developed, matched to a market and implemented to become innovation.

      Creativity can be improved too. I get lots of days when my brain seizes up, but I can reset it by playing computer games, watching a good sci-fi movie or music videos, or listening to loud music. Other people find other tricks work for them. One trick I find irritating, but which is much used by creativity teachers, is to make people behave as children, because children are creative.


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