Laser spirit level with marked line

Another day, another idea. It probably already exists but I couldn’t find one. If it isn’t already patented, feel free to develop it.

Spirit level

2 responses to “Laser spirit level with marked line

  1. A good idea. Sadly it relies that the object the line is being projected onto is pefectly level and paralell. If the line is being projected to an uneven wall from a lower height it will apear bent from a horizontal view


    • Quite true. Lots of laser spirit levels already exist in spite of this, and most sit close to the wall and project the beam out sideways rather than from a vertical angle to avoid it. The line from them would be reasonably straight but your point still remains that if the wall is uneven then the line would be distorted and the markings would sill be unevenly spaced so that would certainly be a problem. So it would only work as an accurate measure on flat surfaces. Thanks for that.


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