Isn’t graphene even more fun? Carbon chainmail

Thought for the day:


Graphene, picture from



A Chainmail structure, picture from

It’s a bit easier to see how the links overlap in this pic:

colour chainmail


pic from

So, just thinking out loud, perhaps the rings in the chainmail above could be rings of carbon, just 6 atoms each. If so, would this be better than graphene at anything useful, or not? Would longer rings work better? The idea of carbon nanotube chainmail is about a decade old.

Carbon chainmail


Powerpoint really is not designed as a proper drawing tool and not having a week to spare, I didn’t bother doing the link overlaps or even the bonds properly in my pic, but together with the other two, I think you will get the idea fine.

I don’t know if this will work or not, but it might be an idea worth looking at further.




3 responses to “Isn’t graphene even more fun? Carbon chainmail

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  2. I think the ‘along plane’ strength of graphene is pretty good already. But, for practical applications it needs to be stronger still. I’m not sure Ian’s technique would make as significant as desired increase in planar tensile strength when it comes to such. I’m not actually sure if two bonds attempting to interfere with one another is stronger than a single bond.
    What may be required is multiple stacked layers of large graphene sheets. However, there is a problem. Because of very weak inter sheet forces they will tend to slide over one another… Just as it does in graphite which we all know is a great lubricant (e.g. Pencil lead). However, extend Ian’s idea to cross link between sheets and we might have something special?


  3. Graphene chainmail, gloves for butchers, poisonous snake handlers, ovenmitts (smelting, glass blowing), bulletproof vests, motorcycle rider leathers, the list goes on and on.


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