Flexible electronic paper gadgets

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/news/8499170/Researchers-demonstrate-flexible-epaper-phone.htmlPaperPhoneSaw this. It is nice to see this sort of thing finally making it to market, or at least viable demo.

In May 1994 I applied for a patent on this (I didn’t get it because someone had actually patented a conflicting idea in 1991):

I think it is a bit late coming, but with electronic flexible paper and updated interfaces, this sort of thing would now fly. I for one would rather have my security and other functions at least a bit unbundled from my phone/PDA, and have the flexibility of buying components from different manufacturers.

A wallet device like this could be a good open source venture. Manufacturers of processors, memory cards, biometric devices and son on would see an obvious advantage in this versus devices such as an iPhone or Google phone. Users too would appreciate being able to add a sensible amount of storage and processing without having to wait for whole new models of PDA to be released by the giants. And of course, there is no reason to assume that a company who makes a nice attractive interface is necessarily the best one at security or networking. So mix and match capability would still be as attractive now as it was in 1994. And with flexible electronic devices coming in, we may well finally see solutions like this making it into the high street.

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