Population growth is a good thing

This entry now forms a chapter in my book Total Sustainability, available from Amazon in paper or ebook form.


8 responses to “Population growth is a good thing

  1. thank you for helping me with my agricultureal speech


  2. this is so wrong, i notice you said you will consider fisheries and forests another time, possibly because talking about those areas would ruin your argument.


  3. Ashwath Balaji

    Awesome 🙂


  4. You are thinking about a utopia my friend, thing is the rich get richer and the poor stay poor. You forget to take into account human nature/feelings. Some of the key points you make won’t happen, making the rest useless and the world in 2050 will be the same or worse than today. You won’t live to see it, but I will.


    • Thanks for your comment. I always take full account of human nature in my work, and try to work out the net impact of its various forces as other things change. I’ll be giving a talk on the forces of utopia v a new dark age next weekend in Lucerne, explaining exactly that balance. I don’t subscribe to a utopian future at all, because of the other things that are likely to spoil it, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a choice, nor that the resultant future can’t be good for everyone, with the poor still having less than the rich, but a lot more than today.


  5. People need to be very worried. Most of your argument is based on where people will live. That isn’t the most important problem we will be facing. It’s where we are going to farm. Only 30% of the land on Earth can be used for agriculture. That number is going to drop due to YES, population growth and the rising sea levels. Global warming is very real. Also you talk about technology being able to magically fix everything. Well I don’t see a sustainable renweable energy source coming our way anytime soon. Science can’t fix everything. We shouldn’t rely on people in the future to fix the mistakes we are making now. You say the more people, the more brains. Most of those brains will be like yours and those certainly aren’t going to get use anywhere. This article has infurriated me. I’m a freshman in high school and I have more sense than you on this subject. You didn’t do your research because if you had there would be absolutely no way you would still hold your opinion. I seriously hope readers don’t follow your twisted accusations. The last thing the world need is more arrogant people.


  6. u r AWESOME and u have just change our way of THINKING towards POPULATION GROWTH………………


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