Bring back the Spectrum

In spite of massive rises in the power of computers, there is nothing on the market now with the same functionality as the legendary Sinclair Spectrum, which used to allow users to play games or write simple programs on it within seconds of switching it on. It must surely be possible to build a modern equivalent with better graphics and high speed for just a few pounds. The old audio-cassette storage could easily be replaced by a low cost memory card (none of the programs were more than 32kbytes). It would surely appeal to a whole generation of kids who have learned to play with computer games but have never tried to write a single program themselves.

4 responses to “Bring back the Spectrum

  1. that’s the idea with chrome OS… no hard drive (just flash memory), as the idea is all applications for it are on the cloud… therefore it boots in a flash…

    can’t wait.


  2. The OLPC has proper programming tools to teach children, and with Sugar on a stick can be run on PCs etc.
    You are right about boot time; even mobile phones take ages to get going.


  3. I gave already Chrome OS a try.
    And … Totally disappointed.
    1st – everything on their servers.
    OK. Your data everywhere anytime. But I have also private data i just don’t want to share.
    2nd – no 3rd part software
    OK Google are awesome guys. But if they don’t trust me, by not letting me choose my software why i should trust them. That’s what they call trusted computing
    3rd – no internet = no login.
    Ok It’s for mobile devices but there are places where there is not connection or i just want to watch movie and turn of wifi/gprs/3g/.. because of the battery. Without internet it becomes useless piece of plastic and whatever


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