The future of gender

My writing on the future of gender now forms a section of my new book You Tomorrow, Second Edition, on the future of humanity, gender, lifestyle and our surroundings. Available from Amazon as paper and ebook.



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4 responses to “The future of gender

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  2. Holy moley. As soon as I read “Adding new reproduction-capable genders or sexes will presumably require synthetic biology to create new genes, as well as a great deal of imagination and creativity to decide what gonads, genitals, other organs and sexual features to add. There is little point in speculating yet what they would look like, because it is a completely open space for creativity and experimentation”; I muttered out loud: “splintergenders.”

    • it would be much better if we could born without passing through our mothers’s hip. if a birht organ could be printed that enabled a “natural” casarean instead a hour and days of LABOR then lives would become much better.

  3. But I would like to add: I’d like to see “third gender” issues and gender mysticism factor’d into your analysis; for prosperity.

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